Thursday 12 June 2014

How  to  Clone  a  hard  Drive

Use  a  software  program  like  Clonezilla  from  a  live  CD.  
This  software  works  well  when upgrading a  hard  drive  that  is  full.  A  full  hard  drive  will  slow  down  a  computer  so  it  is well worth  upgrading.

Once  a  live  CD  has  been  downloaded  connect  the  new  internal  hard  drive  with  USB  cable  and  then  reboot  computer.  BIOS  setup  may  need  to  be changed  if  normally  set  to  boot  from  the  hard  drive.  Set  to  boot  from  CD  or  USB.  Wherever  the  Live software  is  located.

Once  the  software  is  loaded run  and   follow  the  prompts.  There  are  a  few  steps   that  may seem  confusing  but  it  works. Takes  quite  some  time  to  complete  so  a  stable power  environment  is  essential. Laptop  running of  a  battery  with  adapter  connected should  be  Ok.  If battery  runs  alone  without  AC back up  it  may  run  out.

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