Acer Aspire Laptop - Hinge Broken

Repairing  a  laptop  with  broken  hinges


Some time  ago  i  attempted to sell my car  on  quicksales.  Quicksales  is  a website that accepts  payment  only if  a sale  proceeds.

Blender 2.6 Tutorial 13 - Bones & Rigging 101

Using computers to warp space

This short piece of writing might very well be equally placed within  the area of science fiction.
iPod Touch small Review

25th December 2012
   They received two iPod touches for Christmas
Comments from Customers at the local school fete.

Approached by a work colleague to display my wares at the local school fete,

Care Before Jumping In

A great customer with whom dealing is a pleasure opens their case one day and says " the Laptop DVD does not play movies".

Save the EARTH !

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