Friday 2 May 2014

Genuine Computer Products

I  would  be  doing  very  well  if  I  had  a  dollar  for  every time  a  client asked
 or  through implication  stated  that  a  product  I  had  on  offer  or a  product  they  had  seen elsewhere was significantly  cheaper  than  what  I  was  offering. There  is  OEM.  There  are  pirated  copies. There's overly  priced  products and  there is genuine. 

OEM  Software.

This  is  software  supplied  to  dealers in  computer  hardware. The  intention  is  that the  software  is loaded  onto  the  computer  and  sold.  There  is  a  cost  benefit  here  for  the seller  and  buyer because  the  software  is  identical to  retail.  However,  it  must  be  sold  with  computer  hardware.

Pirated  Copies

These  are, initially,  very  inexpensive  software copies  from  sites  like  Pirate  Bay  and  on  Ebay.  Risky  at best. Most  is  not  genuine.  Does  not  come  with  support  and  most  likely  contains  malicious material. At  best  it  will  constantly  supply  a  glaring  message  every  time  the  computer  is  turned on.  It  may  state  something  along  the  lines  of  the  copy  is  not   valid,  please  click  her  to  validate your  copy.  If   the  copy  was  paid  for,  then  it will  have  to be bought  again.

Overpriced Products

There  are  genuine  products  that  are overpriced. One  needs  to  just  shop  around but care taken  not  to  fall  into  the  too  cheap  trap.  


These  are  the  products  that  beeping  computer  supplies.  The  prices  reasonable.  The  support  is  there  and the the  client  has  the  satisfaction  and  peace  of  mind  in  knowing  that  the products will not  deliver  problems  stemming from  counterfeit  software.

When  a product has  a price  tag  that  is  significantly  cheaper than  usual  the  question  should  be   asked,  why?   Shopping  around  for  the  best  price leads  to  a  healthy  competitive  economy. It   can  also lead  to  pitfalls. Time  can  be  saved  by  simply  buying  genuine  products.


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