Tuesday 14 January 2014

Acer Aspire Laptop - Hinge Broken

Repairing  a  laptop  with  broken  hinges
 can  be  a lot  of  fun.  Or  it  can  be  a  frustrating  project that may  tempt   you  to  put  on  your  old  footy  boots  for  one last  kick.  Lets  discuss  the  Acer  Aspire 5742  laptop.

When the  hinge  broke  on this  machine  it  wasn't  just  the  hinge  that  needed  replacing,  it  was the  base  as well. The  mounting  points  where the  hinge  attaches  are  not  solid  points  of  contact  but  small columns  of  plastic  with  metal  threads  inserted. When  the  torque  in the  hinge  becomes  greater  to  turn  because  of  wear the  stress  increases  on the  base  causing cracks.  Combine this  with  the  fact  that  a mobile  laptop  takes  a  few  knocks  from  time  to  time  and damage  can  come  easily.

Repairing  requires  the  laptop  to  be  completely  dismantled. Be  aware  that  there  a  LOTS   of  screws  with  slightly  different  sizes  that  need  to  go  in their  proper  place.  I  like  to  lay  them  all  out  on  a  sticky pad  so  that  they  all  go  go  exactly  from  where they  came at  reassembly  time.

Prices for  parts  vary  enormously.  Ebay  is  usually  the  cheapest but not the  most  thorough  and  the wrong base  can roll  up  on  your  doorstep. Then  there  is  the whole  attempting  to  get  a refund  thing  which  can  be  difficult. Not  all  laptops  carrying  he  same  model  number  have the exactly the same  base.  The  same  is  true  for  most  of  the  parts  within  a  laptop. 

Assuming  all  the  parts  are  right  reassembly  can  be  uneventful  or  stressful. Say  for  example the wireless  card  wires  crimp  points  are  damaged. What  then?  Soldering  iron? Use  care  because the 
heat  can  damage  the  circuits. 

One  important  note.  Use  an  anti  static  strap. Its  cheap  insurance.

If  you  have  a  laptop  and  sitting  in  front  of you  in  a very  sad  pile.  And  you're  feeling  kind  of  down because  for  some  reason  its  gotten  out  of  hand. Ask  for  help,  especially if  the  information on the  HDD  is  of  crucial  importance  to  you.  I  like  to  use  youtube  for  help  but  sometimes they  just  make  it  look  so  easy  when  in  actual  fact  its  not.

My  Acer  is  now  fully  assembled working  fine. But  Microsoft  does  not  sell  replacement  stickers.  The  original  sticker  is  glued  on  well. There  are  two  options.  The  first  is  to  leave  it  as  it  is  and  the  second  is  to try  a  blow  dryer  to  loosen the  glue. Either  way  I  believe the   licence  is  still  valid  for  that  machine. Just  keep  the old  base.  

So  there  you  go.  If you're  thinking  about  tackling  that  laptop  with  broken  hinges watch  out  for  the pitfalls.

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  1. If you have a problem with the laptop, first check the performance of the individual components of the system, then update the drivers http://bitdrivers.com/manufacturers/acer/notebooks and monitor the temperature during the operation of the laptop. This way will allow you to extend the life of your laptop and its components.


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