Thursday 7 November 2013


Some time  ago  i  attempted to sell my car  on  quicksales.  Quicksales  is  a website that accepts  payment  only if  a sale  proceeds.
Any way  i  receive  an email from   what seemed to be  a  keen  buyer.  This  "keen" buyer  asked  for more pictures  of the car. So I spend  more  time  taking and uploading pictures.  A  reply comes  back stating that they are  interested  in the purchase  and will pay  $4000  for the car. The asking  price  was three. I  say  well Ok?  A  reply  comes  back saying that they  are really  willing to buy the car  BUT they  wish a deposit of  $900  dollars  into their  account to pay for the courier  who will ship the car  to Darwin(  5000 km away) .........  Are the alarm  bells  ringing yet?

This  sort  of  activity  is  common  and many people get caught.  They see it  as  a game  of odds.  If they try to scam  100 people chances  are that they  will catch  a few  unsuspecting people.  This  can  be very lucrative. I don't know how they live with themselves.  i guess they just don't care.

There  are  a few  more  scenarios  such  as  computer  programs  that can  read  key strokes.  Important  to  have  a  good  security package.  Also important to  be vigilant and not get taken  by scammers. Security  packages  cannot protect you when  you let these  people  in.  They've  got ways, like making you feel guilty  about not paying  when  in actual fact you don't owe them a cent.  

Another one of  my  customers  approaches  me  very concerned that  their  computer  had  been breached because the  bank  was not  processing  transactions  that  looked  suspicious  ie  Western  Union transaction.  I  was  asked  to inspect the  machine  to  search  for  problems and  get  rid  of the threat.  Well   the  laptop  was  running  ok. It  had  a  few problems but  after  discussing the problems  with the customer  a  little  more it  was  found,   bank  details  had  been  supplied  over the phone  to people  representing themselves  as  Telstra  employees. They  demanded  bank  details  to  fix  a  wireless  issue.

The  details  were  supplied.  BIG  MISTAKE.

Legitimate  companies will NOT  ask  for your personal  details  over the phone. So  do  not  feel  pressured to  supply. It  is your  right  to  deny.

Ensure that  your  PC has an  up to  date  internet  security package.  That  will  take care  of  most  issues. And take the  advice  from  your  security  package  when  it  it  warns  of  a  threat  unless absolutely  sure  it  is  OK.

Beeping  Computer  uses  Kaspersky  or  Norton  as  standard on  all  computers   requiring  protection.

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