Thursday 12 June 2014

What  is  this  thing  called  quartz ?

The  comedian  Paul  Hogan  once  did  a  comedy  sketch  of  a quartz digital watch.
Inside  the  watch  was  a   production  factory    of   tiny  people  shuffling  cards  about  in  a  frantic  endeavour  to show  the  time.   Since  then  the  digital  age  has  progressed to  the  point  where computers  are,  to  carry  forward  the  analogy,   a virtual city  of  tiny  people  shuffling  information.

 It  is  very  likely  that  computer  do  not  have  millions  of   tiny  slaves  organising information  for  the  pleasure  of  the exterior  giants  then  that  leaves  us  with  the  question  still  of  what  is   quartz.  And  what  does  it  do?

Passing  by   a  local  bookshop  recently  I  noticed  a  book   for  sale  on   crystals.  It  purported  the  healing  qualities  of  the  crystals.  And  here  I  am  thinking  that      they  are  just  rocks,  Ok,  ok  for  those  of  you  that  disagree  with  my  assessment  .........  coloured  rocks.  These  stones  all  vibrate  at  different  frequencies when  power  is  applied. The  practitioner of  this type  of  healing  believe  that  the power  of  the  crystals  can  heal.  With  no  power  applied. So  what  if  power  is  applied. What  frequency can  cure  my  current  condition  of  scepticism.

There  are lots  of  scientific  facts  backed  by  hard  evidence  regarding  crystals
One  section deals  with  power  applied  to  different  types  of  crystals and  their  frequencies.  Here  is  list courtesy  wikipedia. 1
The  list  however  does  not  show  the  type  of  crystal  and  its corresponding  frequency. Quartz  is  a  very  common  mineral  on  earth  and  the  types  vary as  shown  in  the  next  list. The  vibration  when   AC  power  is  applied  depends  upon  the  thickness and  cut  of  the  wafer  crystal. 3,4 For  a  demonstration of  what  happens  when  a  crystal  is  deformed.5

After  examining all  the  footnotes what  is the  conclusion.  What  is  quartz?

Its  a  crystal used in digital  electronics  to  keep  accurate  time as  long  as  electrical  power  is applied.  Its  also something  some people  believe  can  heal  their  aches  and  pains through  the output  of  its natural energy. But  my  favourite is  that  it  can  also  be a  group  of  tiny  workers  shuffling  numbers  around  for the  benefit  of   users !!



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