Saturday 16 March 2013

Using computers to warp space

This short piece of writing might very well be equally placed within  the area of science fiction.
 My aim is to  explore the idea of travelling to the stars and to do so within a fifty year time frame.

Ok, some of you are snickering others rolling around on the floor laughing. Lets be clear. I know little if anything about Physics and even less about Chemistry but those elements of science  have always been a fascination and are key to moving  ahead to the stars.

There are  three elements that I would like people to respond to,  and that is using computing to "crunch " space to create a passage, engineering design of vehicles for artificial gravity and craft propulsion.

Crunching space?

Whenever I look out at the stars I am absolutely overwhelmed  by the distances between our small planet Earth and other worlds. So arriving at one of these planets would take an exceptional amount of time travelling in the conventional method. So another method needs to be found. What is required is for a machine  that literally grabs space and stretches it to the point where entry is possible within the void that is created. Easier said than done. Computing power to control such an action is here but the mechanism may not be and needs to be found.

Artificial Gravity

Spin it and the force in the spinning object will have some gravity for those located within it. Problem is that it needs to be large. So creating a real life craft with gravity inside may very well be outside the economic reach of the entire planet put together.  This hurdle is just something else for humanity to overcome.


Propulsion would not be an issue if the idea of  crunching space could be overcome. Propulsion is an element that is required  in conventional travel and would only be necessary after the travel through crunched space zone has been created.

Making this work is not a small order. I appreciate  the difficulty in the task but the excitement of other worlds awaits. Exploring is in the core nature of humanity and therefore travel to the stars is in our future. I wish I could be there to see it. 

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