Tuesday, 25 December 2012

iPod Touch small Review

25th December 2012
   They received two iPod touches for Christmas
and they were as you would expect absolutely delighted. They had been in their mother's ear for months about these devices and now they have one each.

OK so now you have your toys go and play was my initial thought.

A few steps out the door and the call goes out "Dad, doesn't connect. Need the code". 

Hold everything. Back up. Put the drink down.

I'm handed these iPods and I attempt to enter this code.

I always thought my fingers were an average size, but they are a bit too big for the iPod  touch. Navigating the input screen is like threading a string through a needle. Tried to use a stylus from a DSI but that doesn't work. Must make direct contact with finger. Is there another way to make clean contact with some sort of stylus?

My initial conclusion is that I need really small fingers or really pointy ones!

As for general looks, portability and style its quite a nice piece of work.

28th December 2012

Flip the ipod touch 90 degrees and the keyboard becomes bigger. Still small but easier to type in. Now I want one. 

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