Friday 2 December 2011

Factors in Upgrading a PC

Turn on your PC and it seems to take forever to load.
 Then there might be the occasional blue screen that can be difficult to read as it zooms past leaving the screen frozen with no details. If this sounds familiar then an upgrade may be the answer.

Firstly consider the age of the machine. If its old it may not be worth upgrading. Spares for older models are discontinued and therefore a new computer is the way to go.

One of the simplest ways to upgrade is to add RAM, that is if there are any more ram slots available. Another way is to install a larger and faster hard drive. Consider employing an SSD, they cost more at the moment for less storage but are generally faster.

RAM and hard drive are the main core upgradeable items. Other than those there are DVD drives that increase performance and finally a new motherboard. Depending on the original case containing all the electronics serious consideration should be given as to how far an upgrade should go. Its uneconomical in certain cases to push an ageing system with overclocking and faster drives because it will always be working on its limit, and with the fast progress of technology it would not be long before the limit has been surpassed and you are back to "square one".

Placing more components in a machine will draw more power. It is advisable to veer on the side of a larger power supply than a smaller one or one on the margin. It allows for expansion and provides a more stable system. When buying ensure that the correct model is selected for the case. Sometimes the mounting holes doe not line up.

In summary the main components that should be considered for upgrade before buying an entirely new system is the power supply, RAM and hard drive.

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