Friday 11 November 2011

Laptop Hotkeys - Laptop Repair and Rescue

Frequently problems arise with the use of laptop keyboards.
Knowledge of hotkeys allows access to several features in the system and all avaliable from the keyboard. Sometimes a customer may call worried that their computer is dead. The screen is completely black. A good idea is to eliminate the simplest possible errors first. It is possible to turn the backlight in the monitor off to save power. This gives the impression that the system is dead. If the hotkeys where pressed accidentally it can give the false impression of  serious errors. Hot keys are activated by pressing the Fn keys. To turn the screen blank or back on pressing (Fn + F6) will activate the monitor for the required setting. This works for Acer laptop computers.

One problem with laptops is a cursor that jumps about and is usually attirbuted to a faulty touchpad. Some people advise to cover the pad with cardboard and then continue typing but it is also possible to turn the touchpad off using hotkeys. Just press (Fn+ F7) and that will disable  the touchpad. Install a regular mouse with cable for stability.

There are times when computer uses cannot enter into their operating system and the mouse refuses to work.  By pressing the windows and F key the search window opens allowing typing. This supplies access to recovery software that is built into the system. Such a program is called System Restore. This key is not a Hotkey but is nonetheless an access point to recovery.

There are many other hotkeys that supply access to different areas and are readily available through the manufacturers website. They are features that just simply make life easier.

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