Friday 11 November 2011

Beeping computer quick tip

There are days when your computer just does not want to play ball.
One of its ways of telling you this is by releasing a series of annoying beeps. To  the uninitiated they are just sounds that must go away, but to a tech they are codes that point to a specific area to repair. Blue screens are another way of communicating a malfunction. Those codes seem endless and are worse than looking at an airport flight booking that has been cancelled. Maybe! But they are tedious to look at and interpret. There are code lists, but few if any actually say exactly how to fix.They simply supply more jargon that is perfectly relevant and sensible to the experienced computer tech.

A simple way to understand beep codes is by recalling   Morse Code. Three dashes followed by three dot repeated means SOS. A famous emergency code. Morse code and beep codes are complete unrelated but the idea of communicating with series of short and long strokes is the same as in computers.  Beeps codes, unlike Morse Code, vary according to supplier. Which means that similar or identical beeps could mean completely different things. The main supplier of the codes are AMI, IBM ,Phoenix, and Award. Ensure that codes match the correct supplier for best interpretation.

When first booting your computer a BIOS should be listed on the first screen. That is normally the supplier of the codes. That supplier should be referred in the charts for diagnostic assistance. Its handy to know your BIOS before any problems do occur that way diagnostic can be implemented immediately. Basically after that chart interpreted the PC is opened and repaired. After that the beeps should be gone. Yippee!

But what if the screen is blue, with lots of numbers and letters. A basic cure for this ailment is to enter Safe Mode. If all seems to be running ok in Safe Mode then update the drivers. If not it could be a hardware issue. A hardware issue usually shows up with beeps. Some computers do not have those internal warning speakers. Left out because that are just so annoying. Attempt to fix this error by booting from the installation disc, navigating to repair, click repair and let the process continue.

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