Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Do I need a BIOS upgrade?

Simply a BIOS upgrade may be required if your system cannot run a larger HDD, faster processor, or USB drives along with several others.

How do you know if one is required?

The best thing is to check with the manufacturers of the system that is being assembled, and see what BIOS is compatible. Visit  for help with BIOS issues. To learn what BIOS is currently operating along with the system specification visit and run their diagnostics program, or

Where to get a new BIOS?

The Motherboard manufacturers website.

The most important thing is to use a BIOS that is compatible and will work. Take all precautions with your files before trying a BIOS upgrade in case things do not go well. This means making a backup copy of your original BIOS. Some manufacturers website supply the function of saving the old BIOS.Take this option if it is avaliable. If the option is not there use DOS command.

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