Friday 8 July 2011

Computer Maintenance

There are a few important areas in your computer that must be looked after.
 Don't forget or neglect Anti virus protection, and purchase the full protection package if you can. The identity theft feature is usually the one feature that is not included in the free versions. So if using passwords and the like to access accounts relying on the free  version software you may be leaving yourself open to identity theft. There is nothings like that sick feeling you get when you have had your house broken into and your unreplaceable items stolen. Well, your computer is somewhat like your house with potentially alot of precious possessions. No protection package is equivalent to leaving your front door or window open.

It is common to be sitting at a terminal doing your usual thing when all of sudden the computer decides it has had enough. It needs coffee, higher wages, special bonus or whatever, but no enticing it with a big dangling carrot in front of the screen will make start again. Your temperature starts to rise and you start thinking that maybe you should take that carrot and use it as a mallet. Hold your horses. Check these things first.

1. Are you running too many programs at once? Computer systems have a certain amount of  RAM memory and it is this memory that is drawn upon when alot of programs are open. Just imagine RAM memory as the total amount of area on your  normal office desk. You take out a paper file and it fits on your table ok. But if too many files are on the table then it can be difficult to find the necessary files. This is true in computers. Reduce the amount of programs running at once. Be aware that some programs run in the background as well as viruses. If there are vacant RAM slots it is possible to add compatible RAM. This is equivalent to say getting an office desk with a larger surface area.

2. Those dreaded viruses.  If you can't get into your system because it has black or blue screens then attempt entering SAFE MODE. Keep you finger on F8  as you start the machine and it should supply the options. Run your virus removal software. Different systems have diferent buttons to enter SAFE MODE. Check your computer documents.

3.Hard drives can be used to supply temporary memory. Your machine can freeze if the memory space is not there to give. So, what to do? Copy all your files to a safe place and update the drive to a larger one.

So there are a few tips, but the first thing I'd do is add RAM chips if possible, and remove those viruses.


  1. You gave valuable suggestions for the maintenance of computer. The point 2 is really important for me.

  2. Helpful tricks and tips. Being a beginner, found it very useful.


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