Thursday 21 July 2011

What is a Computer BUS?

Imagine a city with all its bridges, tunnels, buidlings and highways.  A Data bus in this sense is equivalent to those main thoroughfares.
Those roads correspond  to the individual wires. A single lane  would be equivalent to  8 bits and another lane would be 16 and so on all the way to 64.

You may have noticed computer advertisers using this 64 bit terminology to sell computers. 64 bits is bigger than 32 bits. This  may be a logical conclusion if you were counting 64 bags versus 32 bags of hay  to feed your horse, but in computers just like in a city, too many lanes can lead to conjestion. This is what designers discovered when they reached the 64 bit mark: data conjestion. There are some city planners who believe that adding another road will ease conjestion. My question to them would be, How close is your city to the 64 bit mark? Because if it exceeds the mark there will no doubt be many beeping of horns from disgruntled motorists, similar to a computer operators' annoyance when the terminal starts to beep beep, and then beep some more.

Every major city has its highways but it also has its suburbs and its' more quiet streets. On those streets are the houses and those positions are the address locations. The address bus is the actual street used to pass information.  A large suburb with lots of streets is like more wires to the address location, and this is an indicator of the size of your RAM.

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a type of memory that is temporary, for example a document written in word processor is held in RAM until saved. Try turning of your computer without saving and the information is gone. RAM is like a work desk. The bigger the layout of the desk the larger the RAM. Turning of your computer without saving is not like leaving a document on your private desk, but more like leaving it in a busy restaurant. When you leave the waitress wipes the table clean, important documents and all.

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