Monday, 27 June 2011

Blue Screen of death BSOD

Lets break it down into hardware problem, software problems or both.

Hardware problems

If a BSOD occurs while booting within Safe Mode then it is likely to be a hardware issue or missing essential files. Note the details on the blue screen for clues. Attempt to repair by booting with your installation disk. Navigate to the section were REPAIR is located and click on it. This feature will attempt to repair the missing files. Investigate cards for hardware issues if BSOD continues.

Software Problems

If booting into SAFE MODE is ok but the BSOD death appears when running xp in normal fashion then device drivers need to be updated and certain software needs to be checked. Attempt a system RESTORE. This will find a point where the system worked well and run that version


It's quite likely that a computer may have hardware and software problems. Take note of the BSOD and note down information, then progessively remove or repair software. Check the hardware by listening for the beep codes to focus in on those specific areas that are the problem.

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