Saturday 11 June 2011

Computer Clock and CMOS settings

If the clock on your PC is slowing, incorrect or causing problems it may be time to change your battery.
  It is a relatively simple task. The battery not only keeps your clock time but is also responsible for keeping your settings. A completely drained battery will cause loss of all the settings. Not  all is lost however if this happens. Computers do have memory that does not rely on the battery, and this will boot the computer if your settings are all lost. It means that all your original settings would have to be reset in the BIOS.

Steps to change a battery

1. Firstly, the location of the battery is on the motherboard,  and is shaped like a small coin.
2. Turn of the main power, and remove the covers on your personal computer.
3. Inspect the motherboard. It is located on the base of the panel,and  is the largest circuit board inside the PC.
4. Attach an anti static wrist strap to the main frame of the computer and to your wrist.
5. Once the battery is found, find the number on it and be ready with a new one.  If the battery is completely dead there should be no great rush to put it back in, but if this is general maintenance procedure be quick or the settings in the BIOS might be lost. Settings have been known to last an hour without the battery
6. Use a demagnetised screw driver and unclip the battery. Reinsert the new one ensuring it is the correct way up.
7. Thats it!
8. Reassemble the PC. Reset the time and BIOS if necessary

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