Saturday 26 March 2011

Beeping Computer

If  you've just turned on your computer and  it's  beeping like  mad the solution may be quite simple. However, if  you've  just broken into a cold
 sweat  because your  assignment is due soon  or your project has to be in tomorrow, it may  be a good  idea to  call a  technician.

If  you've got some time to solve the problem then  here is a  tip  that may help, and has been useful too me  over the years.

If you are familiar with the inside of  a  PC (assuming your machine is a PC, this article isn't about Mac's) then  turn off the power at the main and remove the power cable. Remove the cover from the side of the computer. You should be able to see several removable cards. Before touching any component ensure you are grounded to prevent static discharge. This discharge can permanently damage the components. Use an anti static strap which is simply a cable that attaches to your wrist and alligator clipped to the frame. Holding onto the main frame can reduce chances of static, but you might need two hands to work on the inside of the machine. Use a strap to be on the safe side and attach it to the frame.
Now you  can work on the inside

Here is the  tip

Cards have  a  tendency to come loose over time. Pull out the card and then replace it in exaclty the same spot. Different BIOS have different beep codes for example AMI BIOS beep code for a faulty video card is 1 long 8 short. Just by taking it out and putting it back can stop the beeps.

Upgrading and Fixing Computers Do-it-Yourself For Dummies
 It's a good idea to remove the card you suspect and then restart the machine. If the beeps are gone then you have focused in on the problem. Reinsert with the same card and start the machine again. Working through this way with all the cards  can resolve beeping  problems. If the card is faulty trying inserting a known working one.

Hope this tip helps

Remember  Don't Stress,  life is too short.

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