Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Where is my homepage?

As an avid computer enthusiast I get all sorts of people coming to me
 with particular, unusual or even perplexing computer problems. Recently it was an individual who could not receive his home page on his computer screen yet all other websites are shown perfectly.

One clue in how to repair computers is to look into the history of the machine. Often software elements are changed that can impede the functioning of the computer. Attempting a system restore may be an option worth pursuing as long as the date  implemented goes back far enough to remove the issue causing the problem.

Another method is to recall what software was installed and to change some of the settings on that software.
For example if Norton Anti Virus was installed and then the problem arose, it could be a locked home page. To fix this go to the options section of Norton and uncheck "Turn home page protection on", "Block all attempts to change my homepage" and"Alert me when my home page loads". This should fix the problem with an XP operating system.

There are more sinister causes for the above mentioned problem and that is spyware. Use a spyware software to remove the offending elements.

On some new machines go Tools>Internet Options>Advanced tab, and scroll down to the 'Browsing' section. Uncheck the box next to "Enable third-party browser extensions.  These homepages have been preset and can easily removed. Reboot after reset.

Following the above should bring back the freedom to see a chosen homepage.



  1. Homepage could be replaced by malware. It's common problem. For example Ask.com replace it for their search site. You should use good anti-virus to prevent it and guides http://removalbits.com/how-to-remove-ask-com-and-search-ask-com-from-your-computer-removal-tutorial/ if your pc and browser are infected.

  2. There are many things that can cause your computer to slow down and one of those things are when you download temporary files or take something away that you no longer need. Get Into Pc


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