Thursday, 20 October 2011

Laptop Restart Problems - Quick Tip

Laptop Restarts before logo appears
Try entering safe mode by starting and holding f8 key. Release when in safe mode.
If safe mode ok go to

My Computer/Properties/ Advanced tab / Settings / Startup and Recovery
System Failure/ Uncheck auto restart.

When booting there may be a blue screen. Note down the codes. Use the codes for further diagnosis.
Laptop restarts after around 5 minutes of operation
Could be the battery. Remove battery and run from the power adapter only. If works ok then battery needs replacing.

Try a different adapter. It could be the problem

The connection jack could be faulty. Try wiggling the power connection to gainn better contact

Suspect the main power supply socket. Test with another appliance

Machine could be overheating because fans are not working. If confident on computer repair dismantle machine. otherwise take to computer store

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  1. Thanks a ton, my battery need to be replaced. so simple.i was totally in a hurry to get my laptop replaced! Thanks once again! Drivers Download



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