Thursday 11 August 2011

No Clicks, Blog Tips

Simple tips to improve a blog are listed below.

1. Web surfers are customers with interests. What is of interest on your blog? Be honest. Are people likely to return. That aim to have people return for more of your content and perhaps click on your ads or buy a product. Make your blog interesting.

2. Particpate on forums and add your website address. Careful here as some forums disapprove of this and may consider this activity spam. Read the rules of the forum chosen carefully.
3. Register with a website like Technorati. If they are impressed with what you have to write your page may be published through them.
4. Don't expect bucket loads of  cash right away. It usually takes a long time to develop a reputation with regular visitors.
5. Design your webpage professionally. If it looks great then people will stay to examine the content.

6. Its tempting to put lots of adds on your blog. Look at it from a customer's point of view. Would you like lots of flashing adds in your face the second you click on the front page of a blog. I find it annoying and so do many others. Avoid it if you can.
7. Use a stat counter to register the people visiting your site. I use beta, its free for blogs that are just starting out with very low traffic. Its a good way to analyse what people are interested in and focus in on their interests.

8. If your blog has been running for a while with lots of repeat visitors you may wnat to place adds on your page. There are different sorts. One type is where earnings are made by visitors simply clicking on the add. Another is where people actually buy the product either directly from you or through an agent like Amazon. Earnings are made from commissions through Amazon. If placing one of your own products on your blog a professional website with commercial functions will be required. Ensure that your product is of interest and that purchases will be forthcoming before investing in a commercial site.
9.There are lots of theories on the web about how to best optimise the layout of your page to maximise clicks. If you have no idea what that means well its simply about placing adds in certain key locations that has been shown through studies to generate higher click rates. Bottom of the page for example generates less clicks than top of the page. Readers however can get into your real content alot quicker without adds in the way at the top of the page.
10. Its ok to place ads but some are just a pain. Pop ups for example. The last thing i need is an add popping up and then I have difficulty getting rid of it. Those are pages that people aren't likely to return to. They might gain an accidental click but not long term repeat visitors interested in your blog.
11. Allow people to people make comments on your blog. Watch out for spammers.
12. Finally, don't give up. There are millions of blogs on all different subjects. Stick to what your interests are and deliver quality. Read up on successful people like Colonel Harland Sanders. Life wasn't a bed of roses from the beginning but he stuck to it and became successful.
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