Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Review - Dell  Inspiron  3531  2.16  GHZ

1. Basic  model
2. No  Fan  to  cool  processor.
3.  Processor  soldered.  No  socket.
4. No  Graphics  chip.
5. This  model  came  with  no   CD  Drive.  Had  a  plastic box  inserted where  the  Cd  drive  should  be located. Port  for  a   CD  drive  is  available.  This  is  not  a  netbook. 
6. This  motherboard  came  with  a buckle  on  the  processor. Caused  possibly  due  to  overheating.


1.  Relatively  inexpensive
2.  Can  perform  most  basic  tasks  adequately
3.  15.6  screen

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