Wednesday 7 September 2011

Crashed Computer -- HELP

If your computer has ceased to work or operates slowly, there are
 a few things to try before buying a new one.

1. Does your computer beep. If it does then listen to the sequence and write it down. For example the beep sound might be continuous or one long two short. There are a variety of these codes that correspond to particular faults within a machine. Look up the code at

If the code is in the list then this will point you in the right direction to find the problem. It is necessary to know what the computer BIOS is because there are a different series of codes depending on the BIOS of the machine. The BIOS is usually displayed on boot.

Navigating through the list of codes will point to the error but then how is the error fixed?
We'll it usually involves removing the PC cover to remove the faulty piece of hardware. A detailed explanation of all the faults and how to repair can be found in the text below.

Upgrading and Repairing PCs (20th Edition)

Sometimes a computer will cause problems when it has software malfunction like a virus.  A simple but effective way to see if your system has a software problem is to run in SAFE MODE. This usually entails holding down the F8 key when booting. This will supply a screen asking if Safe Mode is required. Choose it. The system will load the basic set of drivers to start the machine. If the machine loads the the problem could be a software issue.

Run System RESTORE.

If files have been loaded that are interfering with the proper operation System Restore will revert back to a time when the machine worked.

Run virus scans and anti malware.

If the machine is still not operating well then examine the hard drive, if it is full or close to it, update to a larger drive. If the system has many programs open at once then RAM might not be enough to cope with the demand. Add more compatible RAM.

Blue screens occurs, if lucky the system will rectify itself on reboot. The blue screen will not return. However if it does enter SAFE MODE as above. The system will load. Look inside the device manager to find if there are any problems. Look for exclamation marks. Un install the driver for that product and then reinstall an updated driver or original driver for that piece of hardware. Drivers can be found on the internet.

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