Thursday 29 September 2011

Beeping Printer

Computers beep. But now I find that printers beep as well.
 And when they do it together they must drive the operator insane. So printer, why are you beeping? Hmm. What  have I done wrong? Have I not fed you with paper and ink. Isn't it up to scratch.

No matter how much I talk to it, nicely even, it doesn't reply with oh yes there's a problem in the print queue, its all banked up. Major traffic jam, please reset me. Oh no its just beep beep.........So I cleared the print queue and tryed again. The result is more of the same. The next step is to remove the power cord. Plug it straight into the wall. Sometimes the electric power company decides that they are only going to deliver power in short bursts, that causes beeps. If the beeps are gone then breath a sigh of relief and carry on but wait what if ......?

There is something else. There is the possibility that the printer is trying to send a fax. Beeping results. Stop the fax and the beeps disappear.

Viruses. The word conjours up visions of the black death and unending aches. If your printer has gained a virus it may have corrupted your software drivers. Assuming the computer still works it is worth trying to uninstall the software and then try to reinstall. Time consuming and a pain but worth a try.

Mechanical troubles are possible and most likely difficult to find. A quick inspection of the cartridges and how they are mounted could unravel an obvious fault like a screw missing or a broken support bracket. Aside from what is in plain view it is necessary to consider how much time is worth spending repairing a printer. Some investment of time is ok but too long and thats just uneconomical.

That brings up the last point.There is always the rubbish tip. Dispose of thoughfully. Electronic components have dangerous elements inside them that can leach into the environment. Call your local council for advice. Its worth the effort to protect where we live. Its the only planet we have.

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