Friday, 16 September 2011

Beep Code Tips

There are many beeping codes that can make
 life for the unsuspecting computer user a nerve racking experience. Beep codes are not just a random set of noises emanating from a computer. Each beep sequence correlates to a specific problem. 2 beeps then silence then 2 beeps with an AMI  BIOS indicates there is possible problem with the RAM, Motherboard or power supply. There are many different type of codes located in the link.

BIOS ? What is BIOS? It stands for Basic Input Output System. It controls the interface between the software and the hardware. Older computer systems had this software located directly on the Motherboard. that was all that was required to start the system. Now there are extra drivers to support different hardware pieces like video cards that help load the system. Pushing the start button asked the BIOS to deliver a start sequence and to begin loading the programs.

There are a couple of different BIOS and each one has a slightly different code. So before diagnosing a computer from its beep code, check what BIOS is loading the system.

The latest programs my require to upgrade a BIOS. Take care with the upgrade and backup before proceeding.

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