Subject :  Upgrading and Reparing PCs (book Review)

Upgrading and Repairing PC's is an in depth but easy to understand computer text book. It deals with computer history, component design, processors and specifications, motherboards and buses, BIOS, Memory,Interface, Storage, video, audio, internet, LAN,Power supplies, upgrading systems and diagnostics.

The 19th edition is 1156 pages long. It is a reference book for those who are experienced and also those starting out on their quest to learn about computing. It comes complete with a 2 hour video explaining how to assemble and repair computers. Both the 14th and 19th edition are on my shelf. Very good reference books.

Contains full listing of beep codes with explanations

Highly Recommended.

Subject :  Tool Pack Review

One of the most essential  items in the tool pack is the anti static wrist strap. Without the use of this product electronic cricuit boards are susceptible to electrostatic discharge which can render a motherboard useless.

The set is demagnetised. Magnetic force near a hard drive will corrupt the data. It is necessary to use tools that do not have magnetism. It is common for regular screw drivers to be magnetic because it can be useful in retrieving small screws upon disassembly of a component. In a computer it can corrupt the data.

Subject : Norton anti virus security software package

As a user of Norton Anti Virus I've found that it offers a sense of security when operating my computer, and in the several years that I have used it, the software has dealt with virus threats, and kept the operating system safe. It is crucial to operate the full protection package that is offered, especially if purchasing products on line. The full security  package deters security fraud.  There are many software protection packages on the market which may be good, but as a user of Norton, in my experience, it has worked well.

Subject:  UBUNTU

Recently upgraded the operating system on my modest Compaq nx6120  laptop from karmic Koala 9.04 to system  10.04, the system works great, fast smooth with plenty of features, and fairly easy to upgrade. For anyone interested in a system that is free, user friendly and easy to use then lynux should be the choice.

Where to find UBUNTU linux? Just go to

The administrators are constantly updating their operating systems, so when a system becomes out of date, it can be updated. Great system.

Subject:  The SE Macintosh Computer

The original price of this machine when new was a hefty $3700  back in the year 1990.  It had up to 4 MB of RAM. 256 KB of ROM and used 1.4MB floppy disks. An internal hard drive of a couple of MB and that was the complete picture. Doesn't sound like much but that computer has something that most of the others' don't. Call it cute, personality, style, attitude i'm not really sure but i've still got the original one sitting in a box just waiting for a new hard drive which incidentally, is as rare as hens teeth.

I used to look forward to turning it on and seeing the little smiling computer face looking back with a sense of welcomeness which I seldom get from modern PCs even though some manufacturers clearly put out the welcome mat on the screen. The screen wasn't that big either. Compared to today it is  minature but what can I say it still has personality and personality goes a long way. Sure it used to crash and and beep when pressing programmers reset switch but that was just part of its thing. You know, that special thing that some things have that nobody can really explain. Its just a thing that it has that makes it special. Maybe its just me dwelling in the long gone past about what some would call just ordinary, yet I argue the point by saying that, that design had alot going for it, and still to this day there's a  sense of nostalgia about that  little happy face that welcomed.

Subject:  Apple Computer Founder Dies

The Passing of Steve Jobs

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