Computer   black  screen?
Step 1
Check to see whether you have a disk in your drive. remove it and reboot. That should remove the black screen allow progression to the windows logo.

Step 2
This step is more involved and assumes that your master Boot Record is damaged. Follow the microsoft link for detailed instructions or considered a skilled computer technician.


If your machine is a laptop try Fn + F6. This function flips from black screen to visual and back again.(ACER aspire)

Computer  always falling into sleep mode?

1.Go to control panel.
2.Select power options
3.Select change when computer sleeps
4. Select either put computer to sleep or display

CMOS checksum error on booting up computer?

The battery should be located on your motherboard. It has the shape of a button.(CR2032) unless you have a very old computer, those can be different. Some are used as watch batteries. They are spring clipped in usually. Lift the clip and remove. Be ready with a new one right away. If you're quick you should not lose your bios setting. Around 1 hour is the maximum time, then the settings are lost.
Frozen computer, what do I do?

1. Just let sit there a while like five minutes. It just could be processing  a lot of information.
2. Press CTRL +ALT + DEL
this will bring up the task manager. Delete the offending operations
3 Reboot and remove all the exra files that you don't need anymore. Make more room for your machine to work better
Computer will not   turn on. Recent build. Tried everything, what do I do?
Strip your computer back to its' essential parts.

Include the motherboard, power supply and keyboard and then restart.

If the machine boots then the hardware parts are ok.

Start inserting cards. But every time a card is inserted restart the machine. This way errors are traceable to the last inserted card or its inability to function in that slot.
Computer will not   load. Stops at windows logo then Black screen. What can I do?
Try these steps

1.Start computer and enter BIOS settings.Modify settings so that your computer boots from CD.
2. Insert your installations disc
3.Click save in your BIOS

Your computer should now boot form your CD.

4. When prompted click repair and follow prompts

If that works out reboot from hard drive. That means going back into BIOS to change the settings so that computer boots form the hard drive.
Drive D undetectable?
You may need the services of a skilled computer technician.

You can try running checkdisc from the command prompt or
Secondly, you may also try using Disc Recovery Software.

Laptop speaker problem, Help?

Try this first.

1. Check to see if the mute button is on. Uncheck if it is.

2. Your sound drivers could have been corrupted from a scan. Run a windows update.

3. Check the manufacturers website for sound drivers

Computer stops responding after 2-3minutes, help?

You may have too many programs open at once. If you have extra RAM slots try adding extra RAM. Make sure it is compatible. 

Ensure your drive is defragmented and your Hard Drive is not full or close to full. This may mean you need to upgrade to a larger hard disk.



Every time I copy and paste my laptop freezes ??

1. Your computer may be overloaded with programs. Reduce programs running at once.
2. Do some general maintenance. Defragment your hard drive. Run anti virus and Anti Malware
3. You may need to increase your ram memory. This is the memory that deals with the programs you are currently running.
4. Consider a regsitry cleaner. There are programs you can purchase and do it yourself or it just may be simpler and less of a headache if you take it to an expert.

Computer Will not  Start ?
My Internet wouldn't work, so I shut down the computer and restarted it. But instead it said to reboot from cd. Please help. How do I fix my computer?   Please give me steps. Thanks.
My computer is a Dell pc with windows xp.

You will need to boot from your installation disc. Insert disc and start computer.Change BIOS settings so that the computer boots from CD. Choose "R" for repair. You may have to insert your installation disc code. Run Checkdisc. This process will try to repair your hard drive.

If this works readjust BIOS to start form hard drive. Start in safe mode then shut down. Defragment your drive when restarting again.

Netbook Versus Notebook?

Netbook advantages :small, lightweight, uses less power
Netbook disadvantges: smaller screen, no opitcal drive not designed for gaming mainly browsing internet.

Notebook advantages: has optical drive, full range of accessories avaliable on high end models
Notebook disadvantages: heavier, larger which means it can be awkward to carry, uses more battery power because of larger screen and optical drive.

Why is my monitor turning off randomly? Somtimes it returns quickly sometimes slowly.

Enter your control panel and then power options. Investigate the options. Usually the monitor is programmed to turn off and then some time later the computer is programmed to go to sleep.

If the computer has gone to sleep it takes longer to wake up compared to the monitor.
Is there a good book to learn about computers as an introduction?
Up grading and repairing pcs is an in an introductory and in depth book dealing with computer repair and diagnostics.

It does not deal with computer science language (programming) specifically but is more hands on for computer technicians. A good start point.
How do I check what graphics card is in my laptop?
Go to control paneladministrative tools
computer management
device management
The device manager should say what devices are contained within your laptop

Laptop power adapter noise?

I just got a new laptop and sometimes theres a little sparking noise coming from the power adapter. Since the power adapter is on my desk, I can hear it when it does make a noise. But the sounds seems to go away after a while. I think it happens when I first power on my laptop. Is this a big deal? Or is it nothing big to worry about?


Get a replacement. There is high voltage power in the adapter. Not worth taking any chances.

Audio coming out my computer is quiet...


Try going into the sound file in the control panel to adjust the volume settings.
Also go to device manager /sound. Check for exclamation marks that would indicate a problem. Check the driver.

Bsod fatal error message?

i was on my laptop (hp probook 4510s) and suddenly it turned off. I try to restart it only to get this message Stop: c000021a {Fatal System Error} The initial session process or system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0x00000000 (0xc0000001 0x001003a8). The system has been shut down.

what does it mean and how can i fix it. I cannot turn on my system at all and when i do all i get is that message. I tried startup repair and nothing.
is there any possible way to get my laptop back up and running, can i do so without having to delete anything?
i have a windows 7 32 bit home premium system if that helps.


Start computer and hold f8 down. Choose Last Known Good Configuration


safe mode / system restore

I have an acer athlon, it was reformatted to a different OS. How will I bring it back to it factory default?


Press and hold f8 key until menu shows.



This is a long process

Toshiba Satellite L655D "bios" message comes up? Windows 7?

I have a Toshiba Satellite L655D laptop with windows 7 on it and I keep getting this message in a blue box with a black background that says there is something wrong with my bios and if this is the first time seeing the message then to restart, but the computer restarts itself. Help please?


Expired Domains Help

Expired  Domain.  What  happens?   What  to  do? It  can  take  two  months  or  longer  to  rescue  an  expired  Domain  name from  its...

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