Beep Codes

  • 1 beep : DRAM refreshing fails. Try to reset the memory first. If the error still occurs, replace the memory with known good chips.
  • 2 beeps : Parity error in first 64K RAM. Try to reset the memory first. If the error still occurs, replace the memory with known good chips.
  • 3 beeps : Base 64K RAM failure. Try to reset the memory first. If the error still occurs, replace the memory with known good chips.
  • 4 beeps : System timer fails.
  • 5 beeps : Process fails.
  • 6 beeps : Keyboard controller 8042 - Gate A20 is error. Try to reset the keyboard controller chip. If the error still occurs, replace the keyboard chip. If the error persists, check parts of the system relating to the keyboard, e.g. try another keyboard, check to see if the system has a keyboard fuse.
  • 7 beeps : Processor virtual mode exception interrupt error.
  • 8 beeps : Display memory read/write failure (non-fatal). Replace the video card or the memory on the video card.
  • 9 beeps : ROM BIOS checksum (32KB at F800:0) failed. It is not likely that this error can be corrected by reseating the chips. Consult the motherboard supplier or an AMI product distributor for replacement parts.
  • 10 beeps : CMOS shutdown register read/write error.
  • 11 beeps : cache memory error.
  • 2 short : POST failure - one or more of the hardware tests has failed.
  • 1 long 2 short : An error was encountered in the video BIOS ROM, or a horizontal retracing failure has been encountered.
  • 1 long 3 short : Conventional/extended memory failure.
  • 1 long 8 short : Display/retrace test failed.
  • 1 short : No error during POST.
  • 2 short : Any - non fatal error, enter CMOS setup to reset.
  • 1 long 1 short : RAM or motherboard error.
  • 1 long 2 short : Video error, cannot initialize screen to display any information.
  • 1 long 3 short : Keyboard controller error.
  • 1 long 9 short : Flash RAM/EPROM (which on the motherboard) error. (BIOS error)
  • Long beep : Memory bank is not plugged well or broken.
  • No beeps : power supply, Motherboard
  • 1 short beep : Normal POST, computer is ok.
  • 2 short beep : POST error, review screen for error code.
  • Continuous beep : Power supply Motherboard
  • Repeating short beep : No power, Motherboard
  • 1 long and 1 short beep : Motherboard issue.
  • 1 long and 2 short beeps : Video (mono/CGA display circuitry) issue.
  • 1 long and 3 short beeps : Video (EGA) display circuitry.
  • 3 long beeps : Keyboard/keyboard card error.
  • 1 beep, black or incorrect display : Video display circuitry

Brief Explanation

What is DRAM?

It is a type of RAM that needs to be refreshed constantly because the memory is constantly draining. If the power supply is interrupted DRAM is most likely to lose its settings and cause blue screening, corrupted files and system crashes.

Explain Parity Error ?
A system will return a parity error  if upon having completed its counting of the ram bits it has found one or more  to contain an error. This can usually  be traced to a hardware malfunction, power surges, incorrect ram inserted into slot, external frequencies, static, overclocking and heat generation.

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